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Elevation error

31 Oct 2018
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Hi Richard, 

I have just noticed looking at one of my journeys I created a few months ago some strange anomalies on the elevation view. It used to be OK before but now there are a few spikes that do not match anything on the ground as far as I can tell.


Wed 31 Oct 2018, 10:39

There’s a bit of an issue at the moment in coastal areas in particular - we’ve moved to a new system for storing elevation data and have encountered this one teething problem! Hoping to fix it in the next week or so. 

Wed 7 Nov 2018, 08:43

Hi Richard,

It seems to be working OK now, however I have noticed that when you hover on the elevation graph (2D) it shows you the height and sometimes the gradient in %, but that seems to be the dependant on the length of the journey the shorter it is the more likely the gradient shows, is that correct? - Thanks.

Thu 8 Nov 2018, 10:20

That is correct, yes! Essentially with the longest routes, it takes a ‘sample’ of the elevation every n metres, rather than the full profile. That’s fine for the graph but means any gradient calculation wouldn’t be accurate. 

Tue 14 May 2019, 17:13

Hi Richard, does that mean that for long journeys the maximum gradient value you have just added (the next to the climb/descent figures) will be inaccurate?

Tue 21 May 2019, 22:01

In theory. In practice, it actually seems ok to me on medium-distance routes – it might even out some of the distortions you can get with roads following really steep valleys (where the resolution of the elevation data isn’t enough to reflect the road’s course clinging to the valley side). I’d be interested to hear others’ experiences.

Wed 22 May 2019, 09:47

Have you any plans to add the ability to click the max grad to see where it appears on the route?

Wed 22 May 2019, 15:23

What I’d like to do is colour-code the elevation so that the steepest sections are highlighted. Needs a bit of thinking about but that’s the plan.