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Google Streetview

Sunday 5 November
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If I click on Google Streetview all I get is a blank screen, even for roads. At the bottom it says 'loading', but never seems to. Is there a link missing?


Mon 6 Nov 2017, 00:33

Unfortunately Google appear to have changed the (unofficial) link format! I’m trying to work out what the new format is – will fix it as soon as I can find out.

Tue 7 Nov 2017, 09:49

Hi Richard

I'm also having a problem whereby the 'Find Photos' link of a saved route is failing to load the photo. When I click on it for a particular (yellow dotted) part of the route the photo appears for a nano second then disappears. Is this the same issue that you are trying to resolve with the google link format?

You have a fantastic site by the way. I have had days of pleasurable rides on quiet scenic routes thanks to your superb route planner.

Kind regards,


Wed 8 Nov 2017, 00:41

Both should be fixed now! I was wrong – it wasn’t Google changing the link format, it was an artefact of upgrading the mapping library (Leaflet) I use on the site to the latest version. Sorry for the hassle and really glad you like the site – hearing that people have had good rides is the best feedback!

Wed 8 Nov 2017, 21:52

Many thanks, Richard. Yes, it's working fine now.

Best Regards,


Thu 9 Nov 2017, 20:51


Many thanks for the prompt fix.

I'd just like to say what a wonderful resource this site is. I now use it for all my cycle route planning. The ability to identify accommodation near the route, check what the road looks like has taken a lot of the uncertainty out of cycle touring. I recently planned a 2 week tour in The Netherlands and it gave me a faultless and fabulous route.