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UK Tour 1 by Keith Clothier
Provins orleans 190 km by BOBAT
Nemours orleans by BOBAT
Provins Nemours by BOBAT
Truro Stn by WHolmes
Hm2Beer19-900mtr-78mil by Kn E D
Severo Ochoa - Valmayor by RAUL
Ai muri e ritorno by Yiannos Ciuf Vafidis
Mere to Donhead St Mary by Carole Jones
Saentis hike up by Chris Axline

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Givet Charleville M

Arras Ardennes day six

Valenciennes- Trelon

Day 2 Arras Ardennes

Belgium Beer Tour Pt Tour

Section 2 You need an extra day mid way to head up and back to Dinant and beyond. Maybe stay 2 nights Givet area?

Flanders beer tour

Starting from Arras this uses bits of the V31 and EV 3 to work along the Sambre canal ending up in mythical Chimay over 2 days riding.

Part two will link Chimay and Leffe in Dinant to Orval via the Transardennes veloroute.

Derby TPT York

Using NCN routes including bits of the Pennine cycleway and the TransPennine Trail .

Lots of old railway and canals so not to be rushed! Good rail links each end. Probably splits nicely into roughly 3 to 4 days riding with plenty of time for scenery and museum  or "refuelling" visits. Will report back after riding it, but should be possible on a tourer with 32 tyres. We shall see...

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