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Map problem north of about 60 degrees

Thursday 31 May
by jjensen
in forum
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Hi there -- I'd like to plot a route in Sweden but no matter how much I restart my browser (Firefox) or use a different one (Edge) the interface does not seem to fully load tiles north of about 60 degrees. See screenshot below. Is this expected behaviour?


Thu 31 May, 01:49

Hmm -- here's a link to the screenshot

Thu 31 May, 09:41

Unfortunately doesn’t yet have coverage of Scandinavia – it's Western Europe (the countries you see named on that map) and North America only at present. I'm intending to add coverage in due course but it'll take a bit of thinking about – storing the elevation takes a lot of memory on the server, and for Scandinavia most of that would be wasted space as it’d be for areas which don’t have any roads!

Thu 31 May, 18:59

Ah, I see. OK thank you.