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Possible new bug

Tuesday 20 June
by Thornbird
in forum
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I am a great fan of, and use it for all my route planning for cycle journeys.

I just noticed that in the last couple of weeks, you don't seem to be able to extend a journey by continuing to click on the map - ie the destination point is fixed after the second click. (First click = start point)

I hope that this can be fixed.




Tue 20 Jun 2017, 18:21

I can see now that ticking "add via points" fixes this - but I didn't have to do that before!

Tue 20 Jun 2017, 22:02

It's changed - yes, you do now need to tick that! But you can set it as a once-and-for-all option - go to 'My bike', then 'Profile', and choose 'On' for 'Click to add via points'.

What happened was that every time I watched a new user try the site, they'd end up accidentally adding lots of via points - especially if they were on a mobile or other touchscreen, but also when double-clicking to zoom in, or when planning a really long route which requires the computer to think a bit harder. I still very much wanted to retain the "click to add more points" functionality, but without confusing people the first time they use the site. So hopefully this will work for everyone.

Wed 21 Jun 2017, 11:17


Thanks for the speedy response and explanation.

I have ticked the box and am a very happy bunny again!