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Folders under Jouneys tab

Saturday 3 June
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Would it be possible for you to allow users to create folders under the Journeys tab so multi day cycle tours can be saved in different folders?

Great site



Fri 9 Jun 2017, 08:55

Now done! Hope it works for you.

Fri 9 Jun 2017, 18:03
Fantastic, Thanks very much Richard
Fri 9 Jun 2017, 18:14

Hi Richard
Slight issue with the folders. When your in a folder, the page number tab is still linked to the master folder. This only becomes apparent when you add more 20 lines in a folder and select page 2.


Fri 16 Jun 2017, 09:15

Hi Richard, I am having the same problem, also if I create a new route and do Save it asks me which folder I want to save it to, that works fine but if I then quit the site and then go back to the site or navigate back to the (no folder) page and choose Journeys it lists my folders ok, if I then click to expand a folder it lists the routes fine but if I click on say Hide a route it always takes me back to the (no folder) page rather than stay on the folder I expanded. Hope that makes sense.


Tue 20 Jun 2017, 22:17

Oops – spot on in both cases. Hopefully both the page number tab and the ‘hide a route’ icon should now remember which group you were looking at. Sorry for the hassle.

Thu 22 Jun 2017, 10:50

Hi Richard, thanks for the update all works great. One thing sort of related is that I have noticed is that since moving my routes to different folder the route list icons are not in line, the trash icon is pushed onto a new line but only on the first page and not all folders?, I don't think it is because the route names are too long (Win7 PC & Chrome browser used), see image:-

Fri 28 Jul 2017, 11:04

OK now all in line, thanks.