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Fantastic resource

Sunday 21 May
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I just wanted to post to say how much I love this site. For choosing a short route (2x20 miles) for a weekend break with my daughter it proved invaluable. The mapping tool is perfect, frankly, and exported easily to the GPS app on my phone. I was even able to update my route using my phone, lying in my tent last night, and re-export. Just fantastic.

I'd be pleased to send a donation via PayPal (or similar), if that was possible. But regardless, I just wanted to say thank you. I'll be telling every cyclist I know to use the site!


Mon 22 May 2017, 10:15

I also was wondering how best to support the site - I love the routes your planner generates. Do you have a donation system in place?

Fri 16 Jun 2017, 21:29

And similar from me. We used the site to plan a 1,000 mile cycle-camp through France to Tuscany, and it worked brilliantly. I have previously sent an e-mail to Richard asking about donating, but didn't get a reply. I would be happy to make a contribution for using such a great resource. 

Tue 20 Jun 2017, 22:30

Thank you all for the kind words!

Right now the site generates a little bit of income from the hotel links – so if you plan a route and click the button to find hotels along the way, then gets a little commission if you end up booking a hotel.

There’s a few other things I’d like to do to help fund it (and hopefully one day pay me to work more fully on the site…), but absolutely the most helpful thing anyone can do is encourage other cyclists to use it! Roughly speaking, the more people using the site, the greater impact there’ll be from the hotel bookings, ads, mobile app (which I really want to do one day), and so on.

Thank you again for the positive comments – it really does make it all worthwhile knowing that people have enjoyed great rides with the site’s help.